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Megaventory provides you with a unique combination of technology and usability
so that you can focus on what matters: your business!
  • Multiple Inventory Locations
  • Stock Alert Levels
  • Returns of Goods from Clients
  • Returns of Goods to Suppliers
  • Tracks Supplier Availability and Lead Times
  • Trace Inventory Changes over Time
  • Full Serial Numbers Support
  • Get Sales Orders from Clients
  • Send Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Prepare Sales Quotes for Clients
  • Contacts Management
  • Shipping Providers
  • Partial Shipping and Receiving
  • Sale on Consignment
  • Inbound and Outbound Movements
  • Availability Levels
  • Gross Profit
  • Inventory Value
  • Business Intelligence ready
  • Share Reports to Users
  • Serial Numbers Tracking
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Allocate Components to Work Orders
  • Full/Partial Receipt of Finished Goods
  • Track Work in Process Cost
  • Assign Labor Costs per Work Order
  • Work Order Printouts
In-Depth Control
  • Sophisticated User Permissions
  • Backup and Restore at any Time
  • Full Data Import and Export
  • Drilldown Data Capable
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Pricing Rules
  • Localized into multiple languages
  • Customizable User Strings
  • Rich and straightforward API
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Custom Document and Invoice Templates


All pricing plans include all features plus technical support -
choose now based on your usage!
per month
  • One Location
  • One User
  • 300 Products
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per month
  • Five Locations
  • Five Users
  • 5000 Products
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per month
  • Ten Locations
  • Ten Users
  • 20000 Products
Sign-up for Free 15-day Trial

After the 15-day free trial, you may choose to opt-in and choose one of our plans or just stop using Megaventory (no questions asked).

When your account reaches its expiration date, you have to log-in and manually initiate the payment process: we do not pre-charge nor automatically re-charge your credit card. The payment process and credit card info is handled by PayPal (we do not obtain or keep any credit card details).


Is your business in any of the categories below? Sign up to improve your operations now!
If not, just contact us with your specific needs!

Do your operations span across a network of locations such as in a franchise?

Effortlessly monitor and expand the operations in your network - all from a single system while providing your staff with just the right access they need. Sign-up for Free 15-day Trial
Franchise Network Business Management

Just you or a small team selling a few products - possibly produced in-house?

Control and monitor all your crucial processes: purchases from your suppliers, manufacturing of your products and sales to your clients Sign-up for Free 15-day Trial
Home or Small Business Monitoring

Retail selling anything from high-end electronics to fashion apparel?

Handle your sales, restocking as well as your returns and repairs - all real-time and from a single point to maximize your customer's satisfaction Sign-up for Free 15-day Trial
Consumer Goods Stock Operations

Putting together, bundling or in any way assembling products before selling them?

Keep track of the manufacturing process, the relevant inventory and the costs involved efficiently, accurately and hassle-free Sign-up for Free 15-day Trial
Product Manfucaturing Tracking

Our users really Megaventory!

  • Let me say that we LOVE the software. It does everything we need and I believe we will be quite happy with it as a permanent tool for inventory.
  • It seems you are setting a new standard, very innovative and creative. I thought of the birth of the EasyJet when I found your service online. The Easy forced the industry to change.
  • With megaventory, we were able to take our business to another level in a record time and with a minimum investment. Now, we are much more efficient and were able to build a huge edge over our competition.
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Do more with your Megaventory account - integrate it with these third-party apps!
Inventory Management integration with Magento


The most popular eshop platform is integrated with Megaventory

Bring superior inventory and order management to your Magento website while keeping your products and clients synced across Magento and Megaventory over multiple inventory locations.

Sign up to try the extension
Demand Forecasting integration with Salescast


Inventory optimization with Salescast's power from within Megaventory

Get accurate forecasts that will help you better manage your inventory and plan your orders based on your historical data from Megaventory.

Accurately forecast your demand
Extended Connectivity using Zapier


Combine Megaventory with 300+ apps using Zapier's versatility

Extend Megaventory by linking it with most of the popular web applications. Create automations based on triggers and actions to scale and automate your business operations.

Extend Megaventory with Zapier


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