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Cloud Inventory Management

Order Fulfillment


Powerful operations management solution. Join the manufacturers and distributors across the world succeeding with Megaventory.

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Inventory Management

  • Multiple Locations / Warehouses / Stores

  • Stock Alerts

  • Returns of Goods

    from Clients / to Suppliers
  • Supplier Availability


    Lead Times

  • Inventory Changes over Time

  • Product Cost Tracking

    over Time
  • Serial Numbers

  • Batch Numbers / Expiry Dates

  • Transfer between Locations

  • Landed Cost Calculations

Order Fulfillment

  • Sales Orders

    from Clients
  • Purchase Orders

    to Suppliers
  • Sales Quotes

    for Clients
  • Shipping Providers

  • Partial Shipping


    Partial Receiving

  • Consignment

    Sales and Purchases
  • Dropshipping

    Sales and Purchases
  • Automated Fulfillment

    Capability Check
  • Services

Report Creation

  • Inbound and Outbound Movements

  • Availability Levels

  • Gross Profit

  • Inventory Value

  • Business Intelligence

  • Report Sharing

    to Users
  • Picking and Packing Slips

  • Delivery Slips

Manufacturing Tracking

  • Bill of Materials

  • Allocation of Components to Work Orders

  • Full /

    Partial Receipt of Finished Goods

  • Quick /

    Bulk Manufacturing

  • Multiple Level Manufacturing

  • Work in Process

  • Labor Costs

    per Work Order
  • Work Order Printouts

Data Administration

  • Sophisticated

    User Permissions

  • Detailed

    User Activity Logs

  • Backup and Restore at any Time
  • Data Import


    Data Export

  • Drilldown Data Capable
  • Multiple Currencies

  • Currency

    Exchange Rates

  • Pricing Rules

  • Contacts Management

Software Customization

  • Localized into

    Multiple Languages

  • User

    Customizable Texts

  • Rich and Straightforward


  • Custom Document


    Invoice Templates

  • Custom

    Automatic Invoice Numbering

  • Barcode Scanning


    Barcode Printing

  • Direct Data Access via Intuitive Cards
  • Multiple



Megaventory provides you with a unique combination of technology and usability
so that you can focus on what matters: your business!

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Franchise Network Business Management

Franchise Network

Do your operations span across a network of locations such as in a franchise? Effortlessly monitor and expand the operations in your network - all from a single system while providing your staff with just the right access they need.
Retail Wholesale Stock Operations

Retail or Wholesale Commerce

Retail selling anything from high-end electronics to fashion apparel? Handle your sales, restocking purchases as well as your returns and repairs - all real-time and from a single point to maximize your customer's satisfaction.
Product Manufacturing Tracking

Product Manufacturing

Putting together, bundling or in any way assembling products before selling them? Keep track of the manufacturing process, the relevant inventory and the costs involved efficiently, accurately and hassle-free.

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Business Description

Food and Beverages on Consigment

Location Brazil
Megaventory is a priceless tool that helped us dominate the world and become the richest company in the Galaxy

Operations Manager

Chris Redfield
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  • 2 Hours Training
  • 5 Different Integrations
  • 1 Company
  • $45 / month / extra User (up to 35)
  • $45 / month / extra 25K Transactions (up to 200K)
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